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Untitled White Album by Hiroshi Tanaka & Yoichi Fuwa

Hiroshi Tanaka & Yoichi Fuwa

Untitled White Album


Release Date: June 30th, 2023

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Hiroshi Tanaka and Yoichi Fuwa are two mysterious creatures who in 1974 recorded over 50 nameless songs in Fuwa’s apartment. Since they could not fit all of the songs on an album they choose 19 of their favorites and self-released their Untitled White Album. The album has since grown a fitting mystic, often referred to simply as an Untitled Album by Unknown Artist.

Their music is like a fairy tale. It’s leisurely and relaxed yet bursting at the seams with melodies and youthful ambition, exactly what you would expect from the self-proclaimed heirs of the Beatles.

A holy grail of Japanese psychedelic pop, the Untitled White Album was originally only made in 100 copies and is one of the most sought after Japanese private press albums of its time. Reissued here for the first time with an additional LP, an Untitled White Album II featuring 16 previously unreleased songs from the original sessions.

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