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Abeichizoku by Abeichizoku




Release Date: November 3rd, 2023

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Founded in 1972 by members of a university folk club, Abeichizoku were influenced by Yoshio Hayakawa’s Jacks and URC bands like Happy End, Itsutsu No Akai Fusen and Dylan II. In the twilight of their school years, with the word “job” looming over them, the band recorded their lone album in a grueling 8-hour shift in their university’s assembly hall. Originally released in 1973 and made in only 100 copies, this essential piece of Japanese 70s folk rock has been reissued here for the first time.

Printed on Stoughton “tip-on” jackets. New liner notes by each of the three surviving members as well new English translation of the original liner notes. Audio restoration and mastering by Michael Graves at Osiris Studio. Lacquer cut by Jeff Powell at Take Out Vinyl. 400 copies on black vinyl, and 200 on translucent smoke vinyl.


Ryoichi Akiba (秋場良一) E. Guitar
Yuzuru Kodama (児玉護) A. Guitar, Vocals
Tatsuro Goto (後藤達朗) Percussion, Vocals
Eiichi Fujimaki (藤巻栄一) A. Guitar, Vocals
Kazuhiro Muneta (棟田和博) E. Bass

Guest musicians:
Yasuaki Iwamoto (岩本泰明) Drums
Akihito Kouda (国分田昭仁) Banjo

Reissue produced by Tyler Craft, Johan Nilsson and Shinsaku Ikeshita
Audio restoration and mastering by Michael Graves at Osiris Studio
Special thanks to Pontus Madsen and David Rager

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